Gird (up) Your Loins

Gird (up) your loins- to prepare and strengthen yourself for what it to come.

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

Ephesians 6:14

But how can he hear if there ain’t a preacher? And how the preacher gone preach unless he is sent? (Romans 10:15). AND HOW WILL HE BE SENT WITHOUT HAVING GIRDED HIS LOINS? Too many of us who claim to be sent have gone out unprepared and unable to stand because we are tripping over things that God commanded us to tie up a long time ago. We can not effectively preach the gospel; no one can see our beautiful feet meant to carry the kingdom message because our grave clothes bind us.

Grave clothes? Yes. Grave clothes! You know—the things that we are supposed to die to DAILY? The stuff that we are supposed to nail to the cross that Christ instructed us to pick and carry in order to follow Him? Spouses and children. Jobs and bills. Fortune and fame. Worldly cares and worldly gain. Allll the things tied to this mortal body and this fleeting physical life. We have sold our attention and affection to things of a world that God promises would pass away—rather than on the Word of God, which will stand forever.

As we live our best lives and seek after things with our whole heart that don’t necessarily align with the command of Christ our King, I want to remind us all (self included) to GIRD OUR LOINS IN THE TRUTH. This truth isn’t truth concocted by the minds and imaginations of men, but the truth that we are led into by the Holy Spirit.

Have you become lackadaisical in your seeking after the face of the Father? Have you become complacent with the oil left in your lamp? Have you checked daily to make sure that your oil is fresh and quickly lit when the Bridegroom appears?

This says the Lord of Hosts, who is strong and mighty; The Lord our God, mighty in battle: Only read my word. Gird your loins. Put on the whole armor daily and without delay or slothfulness. Only then shall you be able it arise and shine; because then your light (which is MY GLORY) shall come.

Let Those Who Have Ears Hear What The Spirit of The Lord Is Saying.

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