Make RIGHT NOW Be “Your Year“

You know what I’ve noticed?

Around this time every year, folks start to post about how this year has been tough, but [next year here] is gone be their year! That this year (like the one before it and the one before that) taught them about relationships and family and friends and enemies, and that next year gone be THE year where they focus on those who focus on them. That they reach their goals. Visualize their dream. Et cetera, et cetera.

May I prophesy to you? I mean REALLY give you a word from the Lord?

Great! Here goes.

lesson: (Deuteronomy 2:3) The children of Israel walked around the exact same mountain for 40 years. A generation or two died. And they NEVER NOTICED IT. They didn’t break the pattern until God said, “HEY! Stop going around the same mountain! Head north now.” GOD SAID.

prophecy: God already told you what you need to do to break this cycle you’re in. Will you do it? Or will you spend ANOTHER YEAR going around that same mountain? Cuz you know some folks like the LOOK of healing and deliverance but not the actual healing and deliverance (that stuff hurts at first, no lies told).

Will you embrace healing? Or will you continue to walk around the same mountain? Will you choose RELEASE over RELIEF in this season?

I’m asking because you don’t have to wait until January, with its false hopes and false starts wrapped in resolutions and pretend endings and beginnings. Honey, you can start right now. Change doesn’t have a start date! The moment you wake up and “come to yourself” like the prodigal son, you can experience the wonderful change that is in Christ Jesus. It’s all about your willingness to heed the word of the Lord and, “Get thee NORTH.”

It’s time to come out of the dessert places of your life and into the wealthy season God has prepared for you. And you don’t have to wait until a ball drops or a song plays or a clock ticks. You can do it right now.

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