You Can Fall, You Can Even Fail—Just Don’t Faint.

Today I fell but I did not faint.

In my former days, the fall would take me out. I’d lie on the ground in defeat, shame and condemnation my portion. The way my mind was set up against me, any little mistake derailed me completely. If I messed up it was not meant to be. God couldn’t use me; I was not perfect enough.

Thank God for deliverance.

Lookahere. The enemy wants you to believe that your falling is the failure; he wants to pile up regret and sorrow and guilt and shame on you like a bunch of linebackers sacking the quarterback on the 3rd down in the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter of the SEC championship game—all because you took a little tumble. But the word of God declares that a just man falls 7 times then gets up again.

Check that out. YOU CAN BE RIGHTEOUS AND STILL FALL DOWN. The key is to getcho behind back up.

See the devil is a liar! He wants you to believe that falling is the problem when it is clearly not based on what God said. Nope! The falling ain’t the problem-the fainting is. Making you give up is the goal. If you don’t faint, you will reap what you have sown. If you don’t give up, you’ll finish the course. And this is what the devil is inclined to do: keep you from fulfilling the plan God has set for you to reach the expected end He set for you before you were even in ya mama’s belly.

So what does the enemy do? He gets you to operating in your own mind and power. The word of God says that faith produces works—that you don’t just believe but that you are so convicted that you move as if the thing is already completed right there physically. When you’re operating in your own mind, the devil sows doubt and fear. Everywhere God put a PERIODT he creates a comma and a question mark causing you to quit. The word of God is also very clear that if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. What does that mean? It means that in your weakness—your mistake, your slip up, your falling—you haven’t waited on the Lord. His grace ain’t been sufficient for you. You hopped out there of your own accord without allowing the Lord to lead you and guide you.

But even then: Falling ain’t always the worst thing that can happen to you. In fact falling sometimes works FOR YOU. Because when you fall, you fall forward into God all sufficient grace. When you fall, you fall into the perfect position for repentance, prayer, and submission to God’s will. When you fall, you fall on the altar and become a living sacrifice. AND THAT is how a just person is able to get back up again. In the fullness of God’s grace and the power of His name.

So don’t allow the devil or your own mind to trick you into believing that your fall was final. The victory lies just beyond the fall when you get back up again. Defeat lies in the faint because you QUIT before God could strengthen you, settle you, and establish you.

As you end this week and begin a new one, say to yourself: I may fall but I won’t faint! Today I will get back up in Jesus name, and let His grace propel me forward into destiny.

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