You Done Mixed Up God’s Job with Your Steps in God’s Plan


Much of the boundary work that we need to accomplish comes from 2 places. Place one? the need to avoid conflict (which I will talk about later, tater). AND ALSO place two: confusing what it is exactly you’re even responsible for. That’s right: You’re struggling with boundaries with people because you haven’t learned the boundaries that exist between you and the LORDT our GOD.

Hear me out.

God’s word is pretty clear about some key truths about God and how those truths relate to you.

  1. God is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere all the time — which means that He knows the end from the beginning, knows how things are gonna play out, and most importantly, knows how the story is written for not just you but every single human on this spinning, flying rock we call Earth.
  2. He knew you specifically and what He made you for before you was made. Your name, your number of years, your purpose, your path, your mistakes, your failures, your EVERYTHING. Then He set you in the belly oven to bake.
  3. By the way, the Earth–and every blessed thing in it–belongs to God. We just renting–or if you understand the Kingdom way, we are the supers of the building, m’kay?
  4. And even though you have to put on the whole armor of God? Your armor is for protection–so that you can STAND having done all else to stand: which is to say, remain fully persuaded in the promise of God despite the attacks. The battle still belongs to Him and He already won it because Jesus did the THING.

So where does that leave you?

Not in charge, I tell you that much!

God is in control of ALL THE THINGS. What God expects from you–the WORK–is for you is made plain:

  • Love God, love people.
  • Believe and speak, ask, seek, knock–expecting to get answers, find what you looking for, and get in where you fit in, in Jesus name.
  • Lay aside weight and sin so you can do the do.
  • Renew your mind so that your own monkey mind don’t take you out.
  • Be steadfast and immovable, doing the most for the kingdom cuz that’s where it’s at.
  • Forgive because God bless it that’s how you keep your monkey mind from riding your back.
  • Give like your life depends on it because it does–this is Kingdom investment.
  • Walk in the spirit and not the flesh because the flesh profits you nothing.
  • Seek the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness because God favors those who stan for Him.
  • Guard your heart because BOUNDARIES.
  • Pray all the time for all the things in all the ways.
  • Do well towards others because if you don’t love people, loving God is not an option. God is like a single mom with that–if you don’t love my kids you’ont love HIM.
  • Think on the lovely, kind, true, positive, praiseworthy, and good reports (again that heart-guarding, mind renewing thing).
  • Bear the fruit of the Spirit. This right here alone will take literally all of your time as you fight that flesh, my guy.
  • Stay humble and pray! You never know when it’s your time to fall–specially if you walking around all haughty and super saved.
  • Meet up with other believers and sing, pray, proselytizing, preach, and lay hands when somebody sick because there is safety and security in the unity of the faith.

That’s not EVEN the whole list. This beginner level. But if you just focus on this part right here? You wouldn’t have time to veer off into the Lord’s Lane.

But nah! We don’t wanna do THESE STUFFS HENH! We want to change people, change circumstances, change surroundings. Take on the burden of making things be how we think they ought to be. Trying to “fix folks.” Trying to “handle things.” And because we try to take on God’s job–the turning of hearts, the judging of sin and righteousness in others from our limited view, the vain attempts to fill God sized holes in other people’s lives???

We end up with no boundaries. 

God does the work–in fact, my guys, we call it the “finished work” of the cross because Jesus finished it all. What we ought be doing daily is handling up on this flesh, building our relationship with God, and simultaneously learning/implementing the rights and responsibilities that we receive as citizens of the Kingdom of God, walking in our purpose and making sure God’s will for US be done here in the earth as it is in heaven

In order to walk in that, though, you gotta know that you aren’t in control. You have to be willing give up control of you to Jesus our LORD–not just run to Him when you need Jesus our Savior after you’ve hopped outcho lane into God’s terrain. 

Boundaries aren’t just for keeping other people in check; they are mighty for keeping your in line with God, too. If you can remember what YOU are responsible for and what GOD is responsible for? You will stop putting yourself in situations where you are run through like a city without walls.

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