Make the Choice So God can Make the Change

I’m always thinking.

And a thought that has never left me is this: People operate in their trauma because it is comfortable and comforting. The spirit of fear casts healing as the unknown; and since natural human proclivity is to know, we fear what might be lost on the other side of healing.

So when the Apostle Paul said, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds,” he was speaking about those patterns that you are locked in: how you just “always been this way,” and “you just like your daddy,” and “everybody in the family got this disease and that problem,” and… you know. The stories we retell. The recycling of traumas. Them strongholds. Belief systems. Patterns. Cycles. 

Joyce Myers wasn’t lying when she wrote the book The Battlefield of the Mind. That’s where your victory or defeat lies. All warfare starts with what you think. You act on what you believe. And every person I meet, I can watch long enough to be able to name what they believe based on what they do.

God wants those mindsets and spiritual lockdowns to be destroyed, and it happens because of Jesus Christ. Knowing Him. Experiencing Him. Believing in Him. And also in that experiential love, choosing to be made whole. Choosing His will. Choosing the steps ordered. Choosing the God plan as the only plan. Choosing to renew the mind to the Mind of Christ. Choosing to resist one and submit to the other. Daily. Daily. Daily.

Change your thinking, change your life, right?

But I need you to walk away with understanding that it’s MORE than that very simplistic, humanistic psychological “I’m going to change my mind” process. It’s the Spirit of God in you (salvation) that hears the testimony of the Spirit who dwells with you (The Holy Spirit) who testifies to the word of God about you (Jesus Christ) that makes the change FOR you—but only if you stand in agreement.

The patterns come to an end when you make the choice to HARKEN unto the VOICE of the LORD and OBEY. God is true to His word. He doesn’t force people to do anything. Ever. I mean that! You get to choose.

So choose today. What are some patterns you want stopped in your life? Let’s stand in agreement that the glory of the Lord shall be revealed to you, through you, and in you and that the patterns that bind you be destroyed in Jesus name.

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