You Speaking Life or Death? Words MATTER.

The first thing that the business of slavery did was destroy language. They deliberately mixed tribes up before selling, forced name changes on them, made them learn little pieces of English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. That’s the patois. Mangled language littered with pieces of the mother tongues. They killed them for learning too much, trying to read. Because if the enslaved read the bible they’d remember that they were little gods and act like it. Because that is the WORD.

We are an oral people. What we pass on is the words. Our seed is what we speak; that is the fruit that remains. What are we speaking to, around, about, and for our children? What legacy are we leaving? Bitter fruit? Or life giving fruit? Our words matter. We have no history if we keep letting liars tell the story. 

Notice how as soon as we come up with new phrases, how those sayings are immediately sucked into mainstream culture and someone else (not us black folks) make millions. We laugh and laugh and proudly say that we said it first; but who owns it now?

God’s first example in the bible was the use of words to create. From nothing but faith in God’s word, God spoke an entire universe into existence. Man’s first job was naming everything God had created. This was co-creationbaby steps.

Today. Today. The devil has not stolen your peace, your joy, your increase, your breakthrough. He can’t steal those things like that how you think because Jesus rose with ALL power—which means He got ALL the things back, including the stolen things and how to get to them. Nah. The devil has stolen your thought life. You speak–and thus create–what you think. You keep giving the thief back your stuff by your very own words. You eat the fruit of your lips. Every word is a seed that is sown into your life. If you want better fruit, sow a better seed.

Speak life.

The things you meditate on will be the words you say. What are you spending all your time thinking about? That’s what will come out of your mouth and the thing you shall have. God designed you to speak. When we were formed, God formed us in God’s image–not necessarily how God looks but how God functions or operates. And one of those function is to speak a thing and it shall come to pass. It is the one thing that makes you more than an animal. It is why we are still here, still alive. Our ancestors spoke life over us. Mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, members of our village didn’t have money and resources, but they laid their hands on us and spoke life over us through some devastating historical moments, and here we are thriving black gold and timeless pearls. What are we speaking over our children? Are we speaking at all? Or are we leaving it to others, who speak death and destruction? We owe our children our best words.

I digress.

Words matter: we keep waiting for God to do; God is waiting for us to speak. God is waiting for us to create. God gave us the tool: God said, whatever you say in My Name you shall have. God’s name is I Am.

Words matter: but until you have mastered your mouth, until you have bridled your tongue, until you have overcome your own mind, you are complicit in the devil’s ability to kill, steal, and destroy you and your legacy in the earth.

Words matter: God just wants you to know that God’s love is for you. God created you with love no matter how you got here. God knew you before time began. And God gave you more power than you will ever know until you stand in God’s presence. 

But it is up to you to use your power for good. Good first for yourself; then others who cannot see the light. You can be their light. But first you must be a light unto yourself.

God has given you the power to get wealth. Everything you need is inside of you. But until you say it and master the mind of unbelief (which only takes in what the world says), you will not obtain it.

Words matter: I speak words of love and kindness over you. You ARE the beloved of God. You ARE wealthy, healthy, and wise. You ARE well able. You ARE unstoppable. You ARE great. You ARE a child of the light. You ARE successful. You ARE redeemed. You ARE saved, you and your household. You ARE. 

Now, Speak over yourself who you are.  I am the beloved of God. I am wealthy, healthy, and wise. I am well able. I AM a child of the light. I AM successful. I AN redeemed. I AM saved, me and my household. I AM. 

And in speaking continually, BELIEVE who you say you are. Then BE who you are. The principle is so simple. You are who God says you are; you have what God says you have. Life lies in your Mouth. 

Speak life. 


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