The Gift of Discernment: Your Early Warning System

Insidious-proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects.

CONFESSION: Something I hate? insidious people. For the spiritually immature (untrained and trusting), these folks appear to be something that they’re not—helpful and well-meaning as they suck the life out of you, destroy your relationships, stab you in the back, speak death over you through gossip and outright lies. They leach you, pretending to be your friend and gain power over you before the fall.

It is hard on me. Because I see it in the spirit. In THEIR spirit. And I have found that the blind don’t like other people seeing for them. Even though they always want to be saved when the trouble comes.

Discernment-the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure; being able to distinguish, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment.

This is a gift and a burden. It makes you seem like you hate people, like you think you’re better than others. What’s really happening is that you want to be as far a way as possible from what you perceive to be danger—many times not just spiritual but emotional and physical too And the most challenging thing about it? Folks usually don’t see what you see. So when actually God puts a warning in your mouth, it alienates you even more. First, you seem like a hateful jerk cuz you always got a problem with people that get brought around you. But after what you said comes to pass? You are resented and reviled for being right.


While some of us are endowed with specific spiritual gifts, God makes all gifts available to all of us as needed. Discernment is no different. As you need it, the Spirit will alert you to what is happening around you. Think about it all the stuff you say:

  • I should have followed my first min
  • I feel it in my gut
  • The hair raised up on my arm/back of my neck
  • I felt it in my spirit
    • I knew something was wrong with him/her/them/this/that

This is why you gotta spend time with God—so you can know when God’s is activating your early warning system.

Let me switch it up real quick.

There is a difference between the spirit of God and other spirits. Whether you know God or even believe IN God or not, if you are in the presence of the spirit of God you will know. The problem is that without knowing God, you’ll mistake other spirits for God’s Presence.

And that is when trouble comes. Know God, the Father of all Light in whom there is no shadow or turning, my guys. The rest is imitation JESUS. Spirit AND Truth.

Okay back to the topic at hand!

God doesn’t just give you this gift of discernment to run and save yourself, tho, which tbh, that was my original steelo. I am pretty sure that’s how I ended up a monk/hermit/eremite in the midst of being a whole human wife, mother, teacher, etc. I used my gift the wrong way and built walls instead of prayer altars.

My job—your job, your calling is intercession and eeeeeeeveer so often an actual word of knowledge. We fight in the spirit, and most revelations aren’t for the human ear—-they are for you to pray. And pray we must! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal; they are to pull down strongholds, slap down vain imaginations and high thoughts, yeet the word of God into the atmosphere like so many Holy Ghost-propelled rockets to explode the plans and strategies of the enemy. Not to turn tail and run.

Don’t be like I was. Shut your mouth. Learn to pray. And only speak when spoken to by the Spirit of God to do so. Let the early warning system compel you to do what we have been instructed to do: listen to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, and govern yourself accordingly. As it is written: the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous make stuff happen. And in this way, you are working for the Kingdom, seeking God and His righteousness so that the answer and instruction will be added unto you.

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