A Quick Word Regarding Intimacy

confession: I prefer intimacy above all things.

Just the other day, my children hit me with loads of intimate questions and conversation that made me remember why having kids is a delight. It was a nail biter of a talk; as a parent, I really had to recenter myself into the moment and be grateful that they even trusted me enough to ask and discuss what we were discussing. If I were honest, I’d be in heaven just having those kinds of conversations all the time–like, let that be my job.

Real relationships are built on honest, dissonant conversations like that one I had today (which with them happens really often). I wish all of my relationships lived on the bed of honest listening and sharing, but I’ve found most folks don’t have the stomach for it, choosing to only spend time on temporal, external topics that don’t push you to grow.

Meanwhile: God is like this. God longs for the kind of intimacy with you where you can share everything and hold back nothing. And I want you to know that yes, God cares about the mundane details like money and stuff; but God craves you sharing your heart, your inner workings. It is in that space that God can open up floodgates of everything that you truly need.

Have you talked to God recently? I’m not talking about pleading or appeasing or bargaining prayers–I am talking about heart whispers and little kid questions that allow God to expand your life. That is why David was called a man after God’s on heart; David bares his soul before God like my kids did to me today.

Now is time to open your heart.

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