How Deep Is Your Love?

I wonder if folks realize this? 🤔

Jesus said to love God with all that you got. EERTHANG, as they say in the Lou. Then to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Easy, yeah? We usually like our neighbors well enough. 🤷🏾‍♀️

But then Jesus dug down in there and said, “I mean, you really ain’t DOING nothing if you just love people who love you back. Even folks that’s TRASH outchea doing that. What kinda reward you supposed to get from doing what’s natural, normal to do? Nahhh, fam. You gotta love ya ENEMIES. Pray for them folks that make yo eyeballs itch and yo mouth pucker up. Then you being perfect like the Father in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 7:43-48, Kisha’s Translation).

How much love do you really have? How many times do you call the person‘s name in prayer that you dislike—in a blessed way? How many times do you go out of your way to do good to people who would pee on you if you was on fire? How many times do you close your mouth when you wanna drag they name (and the truth about who they are) down every street?

How deep is your love?

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