Step by Step!

Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. God does all things well.

I know folks like to disparage you for “majoring in the minors”; I’ve had people say that to me my whole life! It’s not that I don’t THINK big; it’s just that I believe that mastering the little things makes handling the big things not so overwhelming when they arrive. The word of God says to catch the little foxes that would ruin our vineyards (Song of Solomon). It’s the little things that will topple you. what’s that old people saying? “The devil’s in the details.”

David went from bears and lions and giants to kingdoms; Joseph went from pits and porters and prisons to palaces. Who knows what Jesus first miracle was except Him? The first one recorded was water to wine, but maybe it was something as dry as finding His mama’s lost spoon or healing a cut on His baby brother’s finger but He ended up healing the sick and raising the dead before getting up His own self then going to sit on the right hand of the Father. All from a little town called Nazareth where he could have spent life as a carpenter.

I’ve watched my whole life as so-called self described “BIG THINKERS” try to hop from one bank of the raging river of life to the next—only to find themselves swept away cuz they fell in. Could have just used the little stepping stones instead to get across rather than fall in wet and cold and ashamed. So many give up cuz the next thing looks sooo insurmountable when all they had to do was take it one step, one command, one moment of obedience, one “yes Lord” at a time. Then giving up becomes the default, each new goal seemingly becoming more and more out of reach even as it becomes more and more outsized.

If you’re dreaming big but life still feels a little small, it’s okay. Baby steps. We make eye contact first, hold our heads up, learn to sit up, then crawl; pull up, and some of us scoot along or cruise before taking steps and running off. Either way? Take care of what you got! One day, the Master will say: Hey, you doing a good job, my servant! You’ve been faithful over the little stuff you had, and now I can give you something bigger to handle!”

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