Get It Ready Ready

Are you ready for what you asked for?

The secret expectations of the Kingdom of God that we erroneously have is that getting to and staying in the wealthy place of God means that things will be EASY. We take and run with the idea that Jesus’s yoke is easy and His burden is light, cuz that that word, right? The fight to skip process and just BE BLESSED keeps us tripping up. See henh: God promised that that his blessings would add no SORROW (Proverbs 10:22)—He did not say that His blessing would add no responsibility or that the enemy of your destiny would not resist!

Why we talmbout this, you ask? Because many of us are seeking for a level in God that we ain’t prepared for.

We get overwhelmed and upset over the slightest stuff. Here’s the deal. God has given to each of us the measure of faith (Romans 12:3), and it is our full out charge to mature in that faith through hearing the word of God. It sounds simple, but understand that when Christ said “born again” (John 3:3), He meant that! Our spirits are immediately regenerated to the Spirit of God; the soul and the body? Not so much. We start over, unlearning the ways of the world and learning the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. We become kids—no longer servants or outcasts, but not grown either. We have to literally relearn everything: how to WALK after the Spirit; how to BE in the light as Christ is in the light; how to HEAR what the voice of the Good Shepherd in all things and LISTEN to what the SPIRIT of the Lord is saying in real time; how to SPEAK the language of faith and not fear and flesh; how to DISCIPLINE our bodies and CRUCIFY our flesh; how to LIVE and LOVE in Christ and not in ourselves; how to SIT down in heavenly places. You know, like children, we have to be taught and taught and taught and practice and mess up and try again each little thing until we get it, so that we can move from glory to glory, faith to faith (Romans 1:17; 2 Corinthians 3:18). This is discipleship: Discipline. Process. Practice. Growth.

Two main indicators of maturing are LOVE and Self CONTROL. When you read Galatians 5:22-23, these are the 2 fruit of the spirit items that bookend the others. Without AGAPE, nothing we do means a thing; and when we don’t exercise a SOUND MIND, we get tossed around by our emotions and the random things we hear and see that don’t align to the word of God. When you begin to know and understand the fullness of God’s love for you, it begins to rise up in you until you overflow into loving others (Psalm 23:4). His love is the foundation from which the fruit of the Spirit is planted and grows—calming you, focusing you, adjusting your sight until you can see His people and this world as HE Sees. Forcing you to either actively disobey or to fold under the hand of a sound mind.

And that God insight and intimacy puts you in the position to prepare for the promise.

Now, for the churchy among us, preparation is more than prayer. Prayer is the BEGINNING OF PREPARATION, no doubt, cuz you need to hear what God is saying to you through His word appropriately rather than you just appropriating scripture that match your mood and falsely feed your flesh. Preparation starts with prayer.

And. It is also:

  • Prioritizing (saying no, every opportunity isn’t a GOD opportunity)
  • Processing (do I really know how much time and energy and resource is required of me)
  • Planning (what exactly have I given God to even order? Is it the right thing? Am I on God’s schedule?)
  • Practice (character training ex. Gracious)
  • Performance (miracles, signs, and wonders follow you)

To see the purpose of God come into fruition, your faith cannot be this stagnant thing that never moves, never has any action attached beyond “waiting on the Lord”. You should definitely follow God’s instructions, but I can guarantee you that His instructions aren’t always wait for Me (Adonai) to do everything for you!”. Lack of action on your part means that you’re not fully trusting and believing what God gave you to do. When you aren’t moving in faith? You’re settling in unbelief.

That’s a stronghold, my guy.

Let’s prepare for what is coming. And I promise you this: the suffering of this time cannot ever compare to what is the glory to come. So get into God’s face and ASK what HE wants you to do. Then DO IT. With joy. In Jesus name.

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