What Unworthy Looks Like: A Meditation

Humility and unworthiness look dangerously similar.

Isabella Masada

Perusing my Facebook memories one morning, I came across this post I shared.

One thing I’ve learned from the men who have loved me is that they never questioned whether they deserved what they wanted. I on the other hand, would negotiate and plead, as if loving me the way I wanted was kindness I didn’t deserve. It is how I learned that humility and unworthiness look dangerously similar.

Isabelle Masada

I wondered to myself. Today.

How many times in my life had I confused the two?

Had I been projecting unworthiness and calling it being humble?

At what point would I be ready to stop pleading for what I needed and walk away from what never served me in the first place?

When would I embrace who I am and stop hugging what I’d become to satisfy people NOT ME?

It’s a hard conversation to enter into with oneself.

And that’s it. That’s the post. I’m working through it. And I pray that if this post made you feel some type of way? That you have the courage to work through it, too.

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