Here’s why you act like “this”

I grew up in da church IDK WHY I ACT LIKE DIS

Facebook post ~ Anonymous
  1. You confused “in church with “in Christ.”
  2. You never got transformed in your thinking.
  3. You never crucify your flesh.
  4. Your gift is more activated for you than the Holy Spirit in you.
  5. You don’t read the word for yourself.

It is possible to spend all your time in church, do all the work of the church—but still not be transformed in the renewing of your mind.And one of the worst mistakes you can make in the organized church is to assume that just being at a church makes you the church.

Unfortunately, we don’t just soak up the spirit of God passively! Osmosis (the gradual unconscious process of gradual assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc) only works in certain situations—and pursuing holiness in Christ Jesus ain’t one. First off: the word tells us that the flesh is at enmity (actively opposed and hostile to something or someone) to with the Spirit. This means that who have been—your sin nature and the work of sin in your life—absolutely disagrees with every and anything remotely Godly. So you sitting in church on a sit and git then go” will never give what you think it’s supposed to gave. The word is clear that you are constantly searching, seeking, knocking, asking, always in the position of pursuit of God’s presence all the more.

And yes, God does come to you and for you—but God never chooses to humble you for you or make you come to Him. That’s your responsibility. Most “church goers” aren’t really responsible. They are reactive, sitting ducks to the dragging of their flesh because never never engage in their salvation because of that “He did it all for me” mentality. Jesus paid the price, yes! God has empowered you by His Spirit to do His will.. We are to commanded to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12-13). What does that mean?

It means you actively seek God with all your heart and all your mind. You actively trust in the Lord. You actively do His will. You actively search out the Father’s heart in all matters, and live a lifestyle of repentance, forgiveness, and holiness as the Lord is holy. You crucify your flesh. Daily. All day. With gusto. You give thanks in everything, shut your complaining mouth. Go about doing good and healing people. You know: having the mind of Christ, walking after the spirit of Christ, being the BODY OF CHRIST.


Being in organized church gives you a system of support. A place to learn and grow. To hear the word of God and the word of testimony of fellow believers. To praise God corporately. To sharpen the gift of who you are becoming. To be comforted in times of loss. To be encouraged in times of trouble. To be admonished in love when you out of pocket. What being in organized church is not? It is not giving up your responsibility to the pastor. It isn’t a show of how good you sing and how great you speak. It isn’t the place where you abscond responsibility for your own growth. You do not plant a flag and say, “I made it!” You plant your knees and say, “I’m ready to get started.”

It is high time in the year of our Lord 2022 that we choose the Lord fully—not just for the show, performance, or feel good that we have fallen for and become accustomed to. The word of God in us produces the peaceable fruit of righteousness, and the promise of miracles, signs, and wonders to follow those of us who believe IN CHRIST.

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