Intercession. Compassion. Mercy.

I’m going to say something really mean.

Waiting until people experience trauma to respond with prayer is super lame.

And I don’t mean to say that prayer is no longer necessary once trauma occurs (indeed it becomes so vital then for obvious reasons); I simply mean that true prayer, true intercession leads to 3 things: revelation, clarity of revelation, and transformation—that is, change. When we are really interceding, we catch so many things before they happen. We stand in the gap before the disaster strikes, sometimes helping to avert it and other times helping to keep the weight of it from crushing the person who has been attacked. But intercession (whatever it’s purpose in the moment) should NEVER be regulated to “after the fact” emergency service.

Yet here we are, suddenly interceding victims of suicide. In shock one mo ‘gin.

Was this thing so hidden from our super spiritual eyes that we couldn’t see or know that it hovered over the land right alongside covid and all of its works in the earth? Right there beside fear and depression and isolation and loneliness and rage and bitterness and double mindedness and anxiety? How could we have missed that? Were we even looking—or have we just begun to sit and lick our own wounds without concern for the other parts of Christ’s body?

I’m asking for myself and a friend named Jesus.

Intercession cannot come only as a reactive measure. Then it is in its least effective form. Constant intercession within the realm of God’s divine will opens the eyes of our understanding to what is happening to other people to a degree that we become like JESUS: MOVED WITH COMPASSION. True compassion makes you HAVE mercy. And HAVING MERCY because of the feeling of COMPASSION is where Miracles, Signs, & Wonders appear.

Question: Are you truly interceding for others—or are your prayers focused on yourself, centered on your carnal needs?
God is looking for those who are touched by the feeling of other people’s infirmity. In our compassion, we have mercy, show mercy—not pity or sympathy. We don’t feel bad for people and walk on by. We are moved to a state of action no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. It’s the season to adjust back into being a house of prayer—not the physical structure of the church or the organization but in the ADAM. The earth that is you and me. We must become houses of prayer to pray the will of God into the earth, into US—then demonstrate it in our lives.

Whom has God placed inside your intercession circle? Who are your people for whom you just pray? For some it is only one person. For others it is many nations. Whichever the case may be, it is time that we come boldly before the throne of grace to speak life over and into those Whose names God has placed in our hearts, minds, and mouths. And then, as God reveals His will? It is our purpose to HAVE MERCY. Not just talk about it.

What will God ask you to do as you are moved with compassion? Can you even BE MOVED? If not? Repent and get on your face before the Master. His words, our mouth. His love, our hands. His will, our obedience.

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