My Declaration of Faith

Today: I promise myself to walk in the truth of God, who God has chosen me to be, and what God has purposed me to do according to His will in Christ. Even if it costs me everything I thought I was supposed to have, needed, or wanted. I choose God’s purpose. I choose God’s will. I choose God’s way. I choose God’s face. Above all. Above everyone. Against all odds. I’ve counted the cost. I’ve counted the cost. I’ve counted the cost.

I never shall forget what God has done for me, in me, to me, and despite me. I am NOT the things the enemy says about me out of the mouth of the man who says he loves me, who’s heart and mouth were mara toward me from the beginning. Let this day be as a memorial that I shall never see this enemy again. I have made my choice.

Everything I have done, every mistake, every pain, every hard word spoken about me, every hurtful work spoken to me, even regret, every bit of suffering, every time I’ve been pulled down cuz somebody else couldn’t stand to see me go up, every moment of uncertainty lost to the need for validation from somebody who can’t even validate their own self—all of it is working has worked and will continue to work together for my good.

I LOVE THE LORD MY GOD AND I AM THE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE IN CHRIST. I shall see God in THIS flesh. I have traded my life for His life. My will for HIS will. My heart for His heart. It IS finished.

Romans 8:28; Exodus 14:13-14; Job 19:26; Philippians 3:8

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