Eat the Seed, Miss the Harvest

A word of wisdom:

Many folks never receive a harvest because they eat the seed. You can’t manifest the spiritual blessing if you let your soul waste what is meant to be invested and tended in the natural.

“Now the seed is the word of God.” Every time you hear a word that answers your concern, you plant HERE. Money. Time. Resource. Covenant right there. (Spiritual)

“I need comfort food.” “Lemme get a bottle of wine.” “Two packs of Salem lights, please.” “Let’s go out and ________”. “Those new shoes/that new purse/weave/ whatever you waste money on is poopin”. These are seed eaters. (Soul)

“Lord I need a new ______, but I don’t have any money/resources/connections/favor/advertisement/whatever you needed to move forward.” These are the things that should have been harvested from the seeds you eat out of your flesh. (Natural)

Learn to crucify your flesh for a harvest of righteousness. Holiness with Godly contentment really IS great gain.


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