What That Mouth Do, Part 3

Part 3: You’re Listening for the SOUND

Let’s continue on.

First thing’s first: Jesus spoke what God said.

“The Father Who has sent Me commanded Me what to say, and how to say it.”

Whew CHILLLLLLLLLEEEEEE. I’m trying to be all grammatical but this little snippet here is a sniper that landed 3 direct death bullets into the mind, body, and soul.

First off, who sent you? Cuz if God didn’t send you we ain’t even got to discuss why you talking? How can you preach/speak/prophesy/teach unless you been sent? Fun fact: you can’t. You ALREADY OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, Beloved! Jesus was quite clear about not speaking out of turn. Multiple times, our Earthly example of Gods will being done like it is on heaven told the disciples, “These is not my words. I’m just telling you what the Father told me!”

And then? THEN? If in fact you got sent to say something: WHAT were you COMMANDED to say?

It’s not up for interpretation or debate or suggestion or point of view or agreement or question or leaving off or adding to. The WHAT is a DIRECTIVE. As God warned Ezekiel in the 3rd chapter, the penalty falls to the messenger should the messenger choose to not relay the message as given (v. 18-21). Ain’t no sugar coat, no trying not to rock the boat and work the middle, no whispering sweet nothing bout nothing. You say it God said, exactly how you saw what God said. Lemme explain.

There’s reasons why God constructs words a certain way—line upon line, precept upon precept. Why God allowed certain authors of the Word we read to write certain things, see certain visions, witness particular miracles and mysteries, record swaths of history. How a thing is conveyed is just as important as WHAT. The voice given to the messenger is built to carry the Rhema—-not just the Logos, and so the sound must match story. Could Luke have explained Christ’s Deity like John? Could Paul have been as plainly clear as James? Could anyone but Isaiah have relayed the prophecy that spoke of the Christ?

The sound matters.

Here’s what I know: The God of All, the Father of Lights, The Ancient of Days, the Alpha-Omega… God doesn’t do nothing without purpose, even though sometimes we cannot or simply fail to see it. It’s not for nothing that God made you HOW you are. How you sound. And it has nothing to do with what you trying to do for yourself — though God is gracious and is able to do exceedingly and abundantly and He wants you to have the desires of your heart in CHRIST. Nah. He made you the way you are for HIS GLORY. For the lifting of heads to see the LIFTING OF JESUS CHRIST in all the earth. Plainly spoken?

There is someone who is waiting to see and hear the Christ in you.

Someone who needs to know that you have felt the pain they’ve felt—and yet you survived.

Someone who needs to know that you have felt rejected and abandoned—and yet you still thrived.

Someone who needs to know that you have been unseen and unheard—and yet you’re still here.

Someone who needs to know that you have had heartaches-and yet you still keep going.

Someone who needs to see that there is no situation or experience or bad decision or intentional sin that could hold the love of God in Christ Jesus away from you. That you could never be bad enough—and neither could they.

But in order for that to take effect, you must take in the mind—or mentality of Christ. You must be a willing vessel. You must be committed to speaking the will of God—or NOT, depending on the instructions given.

Obedience. That’s what that mouth do.

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