Not a Game New Under the Sun

Older generations, y’all STRESSFUL. Stop romanticizing “when you grew up.” Bad people were doing bad things then too. People were murdered. Folks got high. Babies were born from rape and out of wedlock. Pastors lied, cheated, stole—even got some of y’all to join cults. The weed man played drums on Sunday then sold weed and pills in the parking lot. The choir director was prolly queer (which is not good or bad; it just is what it is but now y’all complaining about that too), You were still getting robbed, niggas was still shooting up the club, pimps and hoes was pimping and hoeing, crooks was still crooking, gangbangers was banging, and well, y’all know how white folks was in the 50s and 60s. 🤷🏾‍♀️

The Bible declares that there is nothing new under the sun (Go read Ecclesiastes). The ONLY difference is that generations of iniquity have built up, all the unhealed abuse and hurt that you experienced is manifesting in your children, more people simply means more crime, they done made NEW drugs to add to the old, everybody done got sophisticated, the internets giving you all the piping hot tea of what’s happening in real time instead of relying on word of mouth, and this life is coming to a close.

Stop. Romanticizing. And. Whitewashing. Your. Past. It wasn’t better, it was hidden. But remember: WE SAW YOU. How you were living, what you were doing. The things you hid. The lies you told. You raised us, remember?


And now also: remember that repentance brings with it a change of heart. The heart of the Father’s heart is soft towards His children, even in His discipline which is designed to hold us to a standard set to make us our best.

What’s your excuse for being so self righteous when none of that righteousness is of your own?


A GenX Jesus Girl

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