Lukewarm is NOT a LEWK

I learned a new word today-ANODYNE. Something is anodyne when it is deliberately inoffensive. Like “anodyne” classic rock music.

I have to say, most Christians have adopted a very anodyne spirituality. We don’t want to offend anybody with our God. We want everyone to just get along. We serve others sugar water gospel because we are still low-key ashamed about what we USED to do and how we used to be. We grin to cover up our “now” sins while secretly condemning ourselves.

Whelp! My bible tells me that Jesus was despised by men. So if I am seated with Him in heavenly places and He abides in me, then I’m going to be despised too. The more I become like Him, the more people will find reasons to dislike me.

And my Bible also tells me that not only have I been forgiven of my sins but I have been empowered to NOT sin anymore. I can do all things through Christ. I have been redeemed from the guilt and shame of sin under the law. God’s grace is sufficient.

You see, I’m moving passed being an anodyne Christian. And don’t you want to roll with me?

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