A Million Little Miracles

#confession: I used to want to desperately experience miracles and signs and wonders like the old church. It was an entire obsession. I would scour YouTube to watch miraculous healings and people passing out under the “presence.” I would literally pray, “WHY CAN’T THIS BE ME!”

And then. The Lord baptized me with the Holy Ghost. And I begin to hit the floor regularly.

But no money came. My lost teeth haven’t grown back…yet. I still wear my glasses for now. I’m still prone to swelling up on airplanes no matter what I do. Sinus infections find me from time to time.

WHAT DID HAPPEN, though: I lost my desire to sin. The things that plagued me that none of YOU knew about were snatched from my mouth. I saw the Lord seated on the throne surround by the angelic host. I saw rivers of living water being poured into my belly. I watched the hand of God pull a bitter root system out of my chest as someone prayed over me. Someone else prophesied that “for this” I would never cry again. Another time a prophet admonished me to forgive myself because God already forgave so that I could get to work. I heard the song God sang over me one time.

Signs and wonders.

Miracles. Miracles. A Million Little Miracles.

I cannot wait to see what’s next.

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