Study Buddy: How God Took a Quirk & Made It My Life’s Work

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

2 Timothy‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

If I don’t do nothing else, I’m GONE STUDY to show myself approved.

I have always been effectively slower than everybody else at everything else because I just always want to know a thing down at it’s atomic level. What’s the principle thing?

So while most people cover a lot of things skimming along the surface (which ain’t nothing wrong with it that’s just me), I have been stuck on one or two things, digging deep. It has always made me annoying and slow. Because I need to know why. I have QUESTIONS. Where did you get that from? Show me how it works. Does it work that way all the time or just now in this context within this domain or set of circumstances? What’s the PRINCIPLE? The LAW? Do you know? Can I know? Is it knowable?


Talmbout studying the Hebrew and Greek and Latin and Aramaic before it was cute and fashionable for you scholars now who have degrees in it. When I was 8 and 9 years old. Talmbout studying Old English, Middle English, Modern English, Romance Languages, and Germanic Languages alongside African American Vernacular English so I could understand what people were saying when they wrote things, spoke things. Talmbout digging into Literature studies so I could understand literary devices like tone and mood and idioms and manipulations from alliteration and assonance of the human brain’s desire for repetition. Talmbout psychology and neuroscience and sociology because whyyyyyy are we like this? And math, too, because few things are as absolute as math. It’s God’s original language in the earth. Everything can be translated into numbers except human emotion and interaction. Everything else is subject to the purity of mathematics. 🫤 The soul and spirit is amazing, okay?


But here’s where it has served me.

The Lord takes it all and runs it through His Spirit, and I live in a state of connectedness. When I am not in an emotional meltdown (hahahahahahaha yeah another day’s conversation cuz that flesh boyyyyyyy), I can SEE what God SAYS. And that’s why I can teach. It’s the only reason I’m good at it.

Ain’t nobody teach me how to teach. The Lord just takes allllll the stuff He let me learn, runs it through His program, and hands me what to say or do or not say or not do for whomever I’m teaching. Most times? It ain’t even what they think their problem is. MOST TIMES, the person don’t need information—they need consolation, validation, consultation, exhortation, edification, identification, and revelation so they can reach a place of transformation.

Annoying. BUT! Effective through the Holy Ghost in name of Jesus Christ for the pulling down of strongholds that keep people from being great, bro.

Content knowledge is a side dish, interchangeably with your favorite French fries or the required veggies for nutritional value but it really don’t matter cuz guess what? You eating. What you eating? Well, in this case, with me? It’s the principle of the thing. When you learn a principle thing, it is transferable to everything. I don’t think I’ve ever not argued with a principal about my pacing; I also don’t think I’ve ever heard a complaint about data or behavior. Because what my students know? They know well and they learn to transfer understanding of one thing to the next because also?


God said: line upon line, precept upon precept. Now, He said that cuz the folks wasn’t getting it back in the Old Testament times (Isaiah 28:10-13)—but they ain’t have Jesus and we do. So every time we build on Christ? Issa GO. Any non-principle thing won’t stand up on the solid rock. And every Godly principle will stick. Period. Including but not limited to me teaching math. Social studies. Science. Theology. Soteriology.

So if I don’t do NOTHING ELSE,? I’m GONE study. It’s where Jesus meets me to meet the needs of His people.

Where’s YOUR meeting place?

In my reading glasses,

Me and a picture of all my capstone articles. Whewwww Chile!

Great Joy

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