Classic, an original work by Kisha Spencer

A celebration of blackness, womanhood. And the intersection thereof.

The word of God states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:4). More than just physical appearance, too, because only people focus on the outward, God has placed inside you a beautiful light. Once hidden and marred in the darkness of sin nature, it was revealed again by the resurrecting power of His Son Jesus Christ.

This world is so quick to tell you that you are worthless and have no value because you are black. But if only you knew the power of God that belongs to you because of Christ? You’d stand firm in the classical beauty that comes from our Father, carrying the richness of the earth in your smile and eyes and skin, the breadth and journey of the divine winds in your nostrils and your voice. You are black, and still you are comely—sun kissed and held in the Light of God word. Never forget it.

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