Always on my Mind

“Always on my mind”, Original Work by Kisha Spencer

A couple of things…

First off? I love Brandy. She is one of the most underrated vocalists out there. Her tone, her range, her vocal dexterity…few match up. Her song Always on my Mind is still one of my go to’s, and it is the song that inspired this A/B/A/B style poem. I write like an old white man from the 17th century but with modern day English.

Secondly: my poem doesn’t match her lyrics. For whatever reason, the sound of the song in my ear produced these word combinations that ultimately read like a “situationship” gone cold rather than a hopeful crush or budding relationship. Go figure! I guess my poem is the other side of her song?

Finally, if you can’t tell my favorite rhythm is an iambic tetrameter. It’s the natural beat I hear when I write poems. Sometimes I can stretch it to a iambic pentameter. Usually I write in free verse when writing micro poems but when I’m writing full out? You gone get a specific meter if I’m not intentional about!


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