Banned Books

“Banned Books”, original work by Kisha Spencer

Ahhh my favorite little pattern. Y’all see how I jiggle words and turn phrases on their sides to try to keep this meter? Somebody save ya girl!


I feel frustrated today. I want to burn bridges. I want to confront people in the base ways in which I am capable. I want to weaponize my words, cut them down to about how I feel. Total annihilation. Straight up: TOTAL FATALITY.

Okay. I got it off my chest.

There’s no song for this one. This came completely out of my personal inner rage. Though if I would choose one? I think I’d choose Chrisette Michele, Blame It On Me. Cuz sometimes? You gotta take the L to get the W. Sometimes things that you thought would last forever? They go up in flames. And rather than accusing them? You take the hit. Be the one at fault for your own peace of mind and freedom.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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