Time Heals All Wounds

“Time Heals All Wounds”, original work by Kisha Spencer

I have a few more days to throw poems at you! Lol.

This one is a favorite. It’s a simple free verse kind of thing. I was thinking about so many complex situations, and this fell into my lap.

Does time really heal anything? My answer would be no. The only benefit of time is learning how to live with a loss, which takes longer than we Westerners want to put in. In fact, from where I stand we stretch our pain out, packing trauma atop trauma rather than allowing each pain to play out naturally so that we can rise from the ashes. Nah. We like to carry our ashes with us like so many heavy urns of regret, despair, and grief.

It’s no wonder we are admonished to lay aside weight just as much as sin. How little movement is made carrying unprocessed pain?

Anyway, this is what fell out. Enjoy!

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