What Is in a Name

“What is in a name?”, original work
by Kisha Spencer

I wrote this one on behalf of people who are tired of arguing with that one person whom you love very much but who never seems to “get it.” Who likes to pick fights then play the victim. Who has zero self reflection skills, so every problem they encounter is someone else’s fault. They are never self directed to do better; it’s your job to change to accommodate their dysfunction.

But you love them, hard as it is.

Keep loving them. Just make sure your love includes: correction, respect, boundaries, honesty, and if necessary? Distance. Abuse and love don’t go together, whether it’s emotional, financial, mental, or physical. Learn to love them from afar. They will be okay—trust me! They were making it fine before you got there, and will make it just fine when you walk away.

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