Love and Life Unfair

“Love & Life Unfair,” an original work
By Kisha Spencer

I lost a meter in this one. I don’t even know if that’s a thing. It just felt right, so I did it.

And isn’t that all poetry really is? A feeling that tracks perfectly in the moment? That captures the intensity exactly, like photography with words? That’s the beauty of written language. You decide the shape and color, the tone, the mood. As the reader, as much as I’d like to decide for you, you can add your own layers of meaning even as I push back against your need to interpret what I said through the kaleidoscope of your history of experiences.

I work doubly hard to snatch that away from you lol. I want to tell you what I am thinking and feeling and knowing and believing. But that’s not how this works, and I know it—even as I push my world onto you anyway.

Enjoy! One more day.

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