Self Love

“Self Love,” original work by Kisha Spencer

A theme I’ve been contemplating—or rather one that has arrested me—is the notion of self. How we conflate our self with our flesh…to concepts quite related yet very much different. The soul has an option, to do what it wills to do and follow the flesh; or, to do as God wills it to do and become the self.

And what is self, but to know who I am fully from the perspective of the One who created me? What is self but the fullness of being who you have always known yourself to be when things are aligned properly? When we are told to Love God, then love others as we love ourselves, the depth of love assumed is formidable. If I cannot know me, how can I love me? How can I love you? And what does any of it matter if I have not known the God who breathed life into this clay?

So. We find ourselves in continuous crises.


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