The paralyzing pressure of perfection

I had promised myself that I’d post daily for 30 days straight this month, but sometimes life has other plans and I am working daily through the hamstring known as perfection. I like to present things well. So I have drafts that are basically done but I haven’t “treated” them yet. Thus, I missed 3 days in a row because life got really hectic and yesterday found me extra exhausted from all the effort.🙃

Perfection is a beast that will kill your destiny if you let it. It keeps you bound to unattainable ideas and self defeating cycles of never good enough. This is how the enemy destroys you: by making life seem to agree with your jacked up ideas of perfection, placing you into a nose dive of never getting it right never getting it done always needing to do a little more before the launch.

Well. May messy movement forward be my portion and yours, too. May I build the spaceship I’m floating in as we go to greater heights and deeper depths. I am determined to reach the pinnacle of my personal performance. As we go.

Work in progress!

So today? I’ll post 2 things. And again tomorrow. This doesn’t count. Then I should be caught up?

With Love and life and favor!,

Great Joy

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