Lesson on Leadership: Vision-casting Matters

When a leader says “None of” or “nobody” wants to follow their vision? That’s a red flag for me. What are you asking them to follow? Is the vision written and plain so folks can run or are you just flying by the seat of your pants, lying on the Holy Ghost? Are the steps being ordered by the Lord or your ego? Do you have anything for me to look back on that bore the fruit that remains? What report comes back from people of integrity regarding you?

Now maybe other people don’t think like that or have the words to articulate it, but that’s really real. People need to be able to trust your judgment not when things are great and easy but when things get difficult and people are unsure and afraid. An effective leader creates trust with clear trajectory and a meaningful message/ methodology/ momentum. Where are we going? Why are we going there? How we gone get there? What’s the itinerary?

Jesus was a master in all things, including leadership. The disciples did not know or understand every single part of the vision Jesus was putting forth, but they got enough of it to press into the mission and meet the goals. Jesus came through with receipts that they could refer back too (even though He himself had to pull the paper for them at times); He reminded them of what had already happened and what was taking place even then. The trajectory was never unclear: the cross was where He was headed, and they knew that death for Jesus was imminent—and most likely for them, too. But by then? They understood the vision and mission, and decided to keep going even as folks were screaming and shouting “Hosanna!” like Jesus was gone overthrow the Romans any minute. They kept going knowing that the next stop was death.

Effective leaders build leaders who can keep going long after they’ve removed themselves from the day-to-day. It took Jesus 3 years, death-burial-resurrection, then, what? 40 more days of teaching and reviewing before they understood the assignment that needed undertaking after Christ ascended. And even when they were afraid and asked questions and needed help understanding? Jesus always explained. He always went back and retaught. He never let their questions keep Him from moving forward but He also never allowed unanswered questions to cause them from moving forward with Him.

I said all that to say this:

LEADERS: If I say I don’t trust your process, I am really saying that I don’t trust your judgment or your ability to make an effective decision. Beyond your defensiveness, ask yourself if you’re living and giving in a way that matches the expectations you’ve placed on others. Jesus didn’t ask them to die for His sake, but when the time came to give up their physical lives? Not one of the martyred apostles shrank back from it. They embraced it, because they loved not their lives even unto death for the VISION Christ set before them: the coming of the Kingdom of God, His will being done in us on the earth as it is in Heaven.

Are you asking people to embrace something that you yourself do not believe in? Are you asking them to run with a vision that you’ve not sacrificed for? You want a ride-or-die? Be prepared for folks to ask questions—then answer them.

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