There can only be one “ME”

confession: The hardest lesson that I’ve ever had to walk out was that I could never—SHOULD NEVER expect anybody else to be “like” me.

Lemme explain.

I have been hurt over and over again because I expected people to think the way I think, love the way that I love. I move without guile yet have found myself constantly used and misused and disabused and gaslighted. Then one day, after crying real tears and literally laying on my face before the Lord in sorrow, the Lord showed me that if I just let go of those expectations I would find the healing I desperately craved.

These last 5 years have been an exercise in reminding myself that there is JUST ONE ME, and I cannot expect to ever find me in anybody else except me in Christ. I can’t expect anybody else to see things how I see them, let alone appreciate it. It has been the most painful, yet liberating journey. Because as I move into the BUSINESS of the kingdom, feelings and emotions no longer derail me. As one woman put it, “My purpose controls me.”

The day you stop expecting is the day that God begins to show you your pathway of life.

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