A Double-minded Mess

Trying to “live up to” other people’s expectations will leave you in a state of doubleminded mess. (Lol. I’m coining that!) You will never get anything from God because you won’t ever ask BELIEVING. James said if you ask in doubt? You can expect NO THING from the Father (read it for yourself. James 1:6-7).

I’m including romantic relationships, your families’ opinions about what you should do, the ideas you have created inside your own head as responses to traumatic experiences, and EVEN prophetic utterances that only showed you IN part (if at all) what God was saying about you.

If Joseph would have chased after the super vague vision he had (that HIS FAMILY INTERPRETED FOR HIM, he ain’t figure that out for himself thank you very much), he’d have done all kinds of ignorant stuff to get there.

Like we do.

Like I have done.

If you are unsure of who you are? Stop moving, please. Get clear about who you are. And I’m talking about who GOD SAYS you are IN CHRIST.

“A doubleminded mess”

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