Wednesday Morning Mind Wanderings

Wisdom: What you want ain’t always what you need.

Sometimes, what you want is encouragement when what you really need is healing. You need release instead of just relief. You need conviction rather than comfort.

Sometimes, you need to be delivered from your own self.

Unhealed wounds, family curses (patterns of behavior), soul ties (cuz like it or not sex is covenantal), and victimhood are the battles for your soul that begin in your mind. All the affirmations and crystals and smudging and prayer and 30 day devotionals and women’s conferences in the world won’t fix your mind.

You gotta do that.

You present your body a living sacrifice. You be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then? You know God’s good, acceptable, pleasing will for you which is in Christ Jesus.

But as long as your head is following your flesh and not the Spirit of the living God? You will always follow behind bad thoughts that lead to same conclusions, wondering why you keep ending up in misery. Your tail will forever be in trouble.

Now, God declared that every root not like God would be dug up outcha. Get to digging. You’ll find that your life will fall into perfect place if you destroy the root. Otherwise, you’ll waste your life pruning branches that just grow back stronger and fuller—cuz that’s the point of cutting back branches. To get something to grow better. God only prunes the parts of you He wants to preserve. The rest? He digs up and throws into the fire never to be found in you again.

Moral of the story? Stop pruning the branches of your sins and start digging up the entire root system. You’re not doing what you’re doing for no reason—even if that reason is, “Because I want to and I can.” (That’s called iniquity, by the way—rebellion). When the why is exposed, the how is provided, and the what comes to an end. Revelation, provision, transformation. God does all three for you. What He won’t do, though? Is force you. What’s not listed there is: OBEDIENCE. That’s all you.

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