The last 6 months of messages by Bishop TD Jakes have been some of the most profound messages that I’ve ever heard. I have several that I’ve begun to listen to over and over, the words digging down into my psyche to connect what’s in my heart to my splintered thought processes and scattered emotional state. Sometimes. You need settling.

This is that. Take a listen.

Hopefully you took the time to watch it because it was rich.

So much of what we seek lies within the emotional wasteland that is the lack of reciprocity. We cut ourselves open to get it, wasting away to nothing at all trying to get what will never be there—because the person who should be giving it either lacks the capacity or doesn’t want to.

I wrote an entire post about it one time. Since then, here’s what I’ve realized.

We spend 80% of our time attempting to prove to the ones who won’t reciprocate that we deserve it, while only spending 20% of our time on the ones who freely give in return. Why is that? Why do we waste so much of our hard earned love casting the pearls of our need before those who simple do not care or lack the capacity to see that they should?

I have no scientific response for that. All I know is that I’m turning the corner there, balancing my life to better focus on those who reciprocate the care and concern I keep longing for and somehow keep overlooking. Cuz when I look up and around? It’s there. Not always in the forms I think I have to have or from the people I feel like I have to have it from. But when I am honest? I never lack reciprocity. What I have always lacked is insight to recognize that I am receiving and security within to know that I am worthy to receive—just maybe I’m looking for from the wrong people in the wrong ways.

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