Only God Can Judge Me

I am part of a generation who defend ourselves and our decisions at all costs. We say stuff like “only God can judge me” and “don’t judge my struggle.” And while there’s a hint of truth in that—Jesus took our judgement on the cross and we all fall short—there’s also some deception in that that the enemy is using against you all.

If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, Lord, and King but are still talking about judging your struggle, you don’t know what salvation (REGENERATION) means. The word says that we have been made free: free from the consequence of sin (eternal death), but also free from the power of sin—that is, you can live a sin free life by the power of God that works in you. This is the process called SANCTIFICATION. You renew your mind by replacing the faulty thoughts with the original God plan. You become who created you to be: holy, perfect in love, and purposeful. One with the Father.

When you use the message of grace as a license to sin, you are misusing the finished work of the cross. And you are calling yourself into a place of judgment. You are CHOOSING the wages of sin over the gift of life.

You will always struggle against sin. It’s presence in the earth corrupted everything. Your normal way of being in your body is to lean toward sin. But friend! There is a difference between iniquity and incidental sin. There is a sin nature, a rebellious willingness to sin. That is what life in Christ has redeemed you from. When you accept His Life in place of your own? When you plead His Blood as the replacement? This is what is being replaced in you: the NATURE. You’re literally accepting a contract of ALL THINGS CHRIST—His mind, His spirit, His principles, His faith, His Promise, His Cross, His Suffering, His Baptisms, His Instructions…HIS LIFE, Bro. That means no more willful sin. You strive against sin. You actively pursue His Life, which is one of OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL OF THE FATHER UNTO DEATH, even the death of the cross.

And that means choosing a life not overrun by willful sin, talmbout “Only God can judge me.” Baby you is not Tupac Shakur—and you ought to thank God for Jesus.

It’s heavy. But it’s not hard to bear. Because nothing He expects is something He is asking you to do out of your own power. The only thing you’re ever asked to do is CHOOSE. Jesus did the work. You choose HIS Work.

::sucks teeth:: That sentence ought to make you pull up and chill. ::rolls eyes::

Anyway. Don’t use your salvation as license is sin—be it outward sins or spiritual ones. If you don’t know what that is, read all about it (Galatians 5). Choose to walk after the Spirit. You don’t need to live in condemnation when you make a mistake or stumble cuz it is what it is—but bruh. Don’t be outchea choosing to full out sin on purpose then act like that iniquity is covered. It’s not.

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