Friendly Reminder: God Loves You

So I was reading the word today, and I read John 17. It was like reading it for the first time, cuz that how the Holy Ghost will do you. I cried, because first off Jesus was praying for us before He even went to the cross. But also, because He said something so intense that it startled me. He said: I’m giving them the glory that you’ve given me.

“Just a reminder: God Loves you”

Do you really understand how valuable you are in the eye sight of God on today?

I know we be out here on Facebook stuntin and pontificating and living our best lives and acting like we built and guard the holy of holies in public; I also know that secretly many, many people are broken and insecure and lonely and hurting.

For those of you whose outside show don’t match your inside screams: God really, really loves you. God really, really values you. God gave His best so that God could get you back to Him. Religion puts up a bunch of barriers to that, but it really isn’t hard. And just like Jesus prayed for you, I am praying for you, that you know how loved and valued you are, and that you become one with the Father as Jesus is one with the Father. I pray that know how deep that love is, how far God is willing to go JUST FOR YOU.

You don’t have to be a castaway; God wants you to be His CHILD. Not a servant. Not a soldier. Not a slave. But His child, seated in heavenly places with His first born, who already gave you the go ahead to come on in the room. #YouAreLoved

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