A Leadership Lesson

confession: I get irritated with folks whose passions burn bright but whose discipline burns quick. (You’ll catch that later).

Leadership isn’t about momentary inspiration, bursts of excitement, mountaintop validation, and flashes of ideas. It is not how much people clap, like your posts, call your name, or smile in your face.

Leadership means dedication.

What do you do when only 2 people participate? What do you do when the support you were counting on isn’t there? WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN “Hosannas” become “Hang Ems”?

Real leaders can stand alone. Real leadership runs marathons, not 100 meter dashes. Look at Moses. Left his WHOLE FAMILY to be out fooling with folks who didn’t like him (or God for that matter), and NEVER SAW THE PROMISED LAND after all that. And Jesus, who—my GOD—was tortured beyond recognition for sins He ain’t even get to enjoy.

Leadership stays the course. Unto death.

Are you leader or just a manager? You better know, because that responsibility is HEAVY; and you will be called to account for those under your “leadership”. Be very sure, cuz this ain’t for everybody.

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