I, too, sing America: A Juneteenth Jamboree

Well. I just like constancy and consistency. So even though Juneteenth and Father’s Day were Sunday, consider today to be the day I observe the former like the rest of the country.

That said: here is your poetry Monday. A little quiet contemplation to start your week.


“Happy Juneteenth”

I too sing America
Except most of my songs are the blues
Dusky tones filled with my despair
Broken windows and my running shoes

I too sing America
Land of my tears, home of my raves
Wailing against the pluck of my heartstrings
Being snapped by careless hands

I too sing America
Calling yet hearing no response
The silence of your denial unnerves me
Thought by now you would sing along

I too sing America
But don’t yet know what it means to be free
All I know to do is keeping singing my blues
Until I can no longer breathe

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