Sometimes honest Christianity looks like the Struggle

confession: I have started a particular post four times. And each time I erased it because I was talking out of my agitation and NOT my anointing.

“Human anger does not ever produce the righteousness that God desires.”

(James somewhere, my version of it. 🤷🏾‍♀️)

Sometimes, you gotta sit the game out before you sin all over the place.

Some of y’all think you being righteous on here, and you throwing shots — human anger dressed up in scriptures and worldly versions of holiness. But as you mature in Christ, Jesus makes you MEEK. You bite a lot of tongue outchea. The Holy Ghost will tell you to SHUT YOUR FACE right quick—like he been telling me all day. 😒

These are my confessions because I am not a perfect Christian; but I am an AUTHENTIC one. This was a day of constant repentance for the thoughts I thought and the things I wanted to say but didn’t because not grieving the Holy Ghost is more important than capping on folks on Facebook then spewing my vengeance all over WordPress. Straight up.

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