I said what I said

A lesson on the fruit of the lips

I never ever say anything that I don’t mean. Even when I was out in the world. I am “If ‘I said what I said’ was a person”.

Where’s my T-shirt?

That said: I weigh words carefully cuz you can’t take them back. The imaging that God placed in ME is that MY WORDS carry weight. They heavyhanded like my actual physical hands. That’s why I don’t talk that much in public. My words do what I send them out to do. If my mission is to create harm, folks will bleed. To provoke? They will cause an uproar. To edify? Folks will think and grow. To uplift? Folks will walk away encouraged and hopeful. To divide? Let the drama begin. To fight? The violence will be evident.

You, too, have that same imaging. Yet y’all be REAL RECKLESS bout the mouth and the keyboard and the smartphone. Then act taken aback when you get the response your words were sent to bring back to you.

Don’t say something ANYWHERE at ANYTIME, then feel a way when the earth responds accordingly. The only words that hold no weight in the realm of the spirit are “that’s not what I meant” and “I didn’t mean it like that.” #You said what you meant— only now? You don’t want this smoke.

don’t be no punk nah. 😐😑

The word of God is true and EVERY MAN A LIE: you live or die by the fruit of your lips (and by extension the things you’re typing, tweeting, tiktoking, instagramming, facebooking, and so on and so forth).

Careful now. 🤫

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