Love Languages: Limping Passed Trauma-based Love

The older I get, the more I see how little capacity that people have to receive love beyond what their trauma has informed. Folks literally out here refusing REAL AGAPE LOVE cuz it don’t look like the struggle love that trauma produces.

Make It Make Sense.

Beloved: Until you allow God to heal your heart and transform your mind, you will spend your life thinking people don’t love you because they aren’t responding the way your trauma tells you they should. Allow God to create new pathways of thinking by transforming the patterns of your thoughts. Allow God to show you how to receive love, and help, and care from those who want the best for you in Him. It is NOT God’s will for you to struggle alone, in secret, in silence, with no help, in denial and ashamed about what you need to prosper—while publicly pretending that you got it all worked out and figured out.

You don’t need people to validate you, sure. And every good and perfect gift comes from God, absolutely. Yet the principle is that He sends those gifts through the bosoms of others. That you have favor with God AND with people. This is the will of our Father, who loves us and teaches us His way. How will you ever know His love if you keep batting away the hands He is sends to demonstrate it?

I have questions.

I am praying for us all today, that we truly love what Paul said in Ephesians 3:18-19:

  • that we all come to know beyond intellectualism the experiential knowledge of Christ’s great love for us;
  • that we become root deeply and grounded completely in that love;
  • that we be fully able to comprehend that love; and
  • that we be filled and flooded with God’s presence so you know it’s really real.

I pray that the burden be lifted from you and the yoke removed and the yoke destroyed because of the anointing, the richness of the indwelling of Christ in you. In Jesus name.

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