You’re looking at a miracle when you’re looking at me.

So listen. If you say you ain’t seen miracles before, you haven’t been paying attention to me. Everything in my life is a complete miracle–stupidly amazing. Everything. Down to the clothes on my back.

Miracles that come from love.

And THAT is the real message of I Corinthians 13–not to give you some sappy vows to recite, but to impress upon you that everything you do ought to be rooted on love–otherwise #issa #waste.

And that part about “When I was a child…”? That isn’t out of context with love. Children are childish BECAUSE they are selfish and impulsive, and everything they do is self centered and self serving.

The word is telling you that to truly grow up–too see miracles and experience greater works–you must LOVE without exception, expectation, or naturally occurring self-preservation.

Love is the key.

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