One of my union mates and colleagues is doing a pole for her community about labels and identity. I wanted to say something SOOOO BAD—mostly a “This is so AWESOME because it was so deep and interesting and helpful to ME”, but I didn’t.

Cuz it was none of my business.

It’s not MY community. I am outside of it; an ally, but not a member.

This is how you MIND YOUR BUSINESS MY GUYS. You don’t speak in spaces not meant for you. When ally you amplify the sound of the centered; you don’t try to center yourself.

“How to Ally”

If you’re lucky, you may watch. If you’re consistent and safe, you MIGHT get allowed a bit of space. Might. But nobody owes you it. If you’re lucky enough to be trusted, wait to be asked to speak for a group that you’re not a part of. So learn to mind your business.

Uncolonize your process! No one needs another Columbus, especially one who overtakes safe spaces. Even in your most well-meaning moments: if you cannot operate in self control? You should not be there.

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