5 Years Later: The Lesson Holy Spirit Landed After My Husband’s Heart Attack

Facebook has served as a type of blog for me as I settled down into a style, the place where half formed ideas and overwhelming revelations landed til I was ready to deal with them. Here’s one I wrote right after my husbands heart attack on June 24, 2017. This revealing took me to a place in the Lord that I have been chasing down ever since.

June 27, 2017: my husband is at home now from two flatlines on Saturday for a total of 12 minutes of aggressive CPR. He is feeling “great!”—the results of stints in a blocked major artery—except for the pain of bruised ribs from rigorous CPR. He keeps saying he could run 5 miles.

Nah bruh.

I keep telling him that he may FEEL better, but healing is NOT COMPLETE. The heart is still healing from the stunning of the heat attack. It’s the inside that we are watching–me, the doctor, the cardiologist, the defibrillator vest company.

And there’s your word.

God isn’t looking at your flesh; God looks on the heart. God DOES WANT you to stop drinking, smoking, extra sexing, drugging, overeating–alladat. HOWSOINEVER, God is more concerned about the heart condition that caused the outward issue.

Church often focuses on the outward stuff–the bruised ribs of life–when people are dying from what’s happening on the inside. It’s the sin and weight we cannot see that cause the fleshly stuff that we DO see. Telling a young woman to stop having sex with a married man is flesh. Healing the spirit of rejection and lack of value? That’s spirit.

I keep TELLING y’all: Now is the time to open your heart. What is in there? What secrets are you keeping? Whatcha hiding? Jesus done told you that it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks, and we live by that fruit of our lips. #guardyourheart #issueoflife #ifyouhavespiritualears #listen

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