The Accountability That Comes with The Blessing

It’s so easy to hide inside the lives we have created for ourselves, selfishly clinging to the little happiness squeezed out of dry bones brittle from the abuse and neglect of this world. It is so easy to venture out into the wilds of where you live just to make enough money to run home and close the door against news of poverty, murder, mayhem, destruction, wicked rule, evil in high places, war, disease, natural disaster, and famine. So easy to inoculate yourself against the realities of the times by watching fake reality tv shows, games and sport, dramas and comedies. So easy to say ‘not my kids, not my problem, not my life.’

And yet what kind of human am I to pretend like it doesn’t matter? To bury my head in the sand and cover the eyes and ears of my children so they don’t see a hurting and dying world? What does it say about me as one who proclaims to love God–a God whom I profess to live IN me–to act like I don’t have a responsibility to help those who can not help themselves, to speak for those with no voice?

I sing songs of praise all the time–it could have been me out doors with no food or clothes…But those songs are tinkling brass if I don’t grasp the revelation of responsibility that lurks behind them. It could have been me; but since it isn’t me, I now bear the infirmity of those who it is. Because it isn’t me, I share as a joint heir with Christ not just the blessings and honor and wisdom and strength and glory–I also share His mission to love. And love. And love. Eternally.

My Response to My Reasonable Service

ITS NOT ENOUGH to thank God for His blessings to us. We must be accountable for those without. We are the ones who should bring the testimony afresh to every soul that, “It USED to be me, but God.” #thinking

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