Never the same smile

I really like new soul music. There are some wonderful music makers out here, and one such tag team is Phonte & Eric Roberson and their album Tigallerro. Their song “Never the Same Smile” just really is a MOOD.

This poem came from listening to that song. My poem doesn’t do it justice so listen to it.


“Never the Same Smile,” original work by Kisha Spencer

when you came back
the hugs were as tight, soul
leaning into god's eternity
the kisses were as sweet, dipped
in the honey dewed spring
the caresses were as light, a
teasing summer breeze

i felt redeemed
and yet burdened by
thoughts of
a concilation prize
my heart closed its doors,
and my joy no longer
reached searching eyes,
and my smile was never
the same smile

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