What God has is for you. Period.

confession: I used to be SO devastated when people who said they “loved” me spent all their time uplifting everybody else while simultaneously tearing me down with criticism and judgment. Nothing I said or did was good; my growth had been labeled as nonexistent, my heart “dark” and my personality “evil”. I have been (for sometime) cast as unworthy and unlovable.

But God kept showing me otherwise. Because God knows my heart—AND THEIRS. And the peace I have now? I wouldn’t trade for NOTHING.

And you know what I found? The blessing that God has for you is for you—no matter what folks might do to block it, reroute it, or diminish it. All their selfishness, greediness, and hatefulness is just a way for you to build your character and your most holy faith.

my blessing is mine

your blessing is yours

stay the course

don’t faint

God knows

See the goodness of God in the land of the living.

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