This one is a part of the challenge put forth by Sammi Cox . Here are the parameters:

Prompt #266, Sammi Scribbles

This one? I went backwards one to see if the challenge I just did was a one-off or if I could challenge my mental to push it forward.

I love poetry but I don’t always have a way to connect to it that doesn’t feel plagiarized in some way. Having instructions actually give me something to anchor to, and I’m excited to have found a challenge that gives me just enough leeway and structure to flex these puny poetry muscles. In a minute, I hope I hit core.


Meanwhile, I embedded the word 2 different ways. See if you can find em? I though I was pretty obvious. I chose to stick within an blank verse kind of ABBA? IDK. My creative writing classes in college were the brainchild of a failed author who spent his time telling us all how poorly we wrote.🙄 PEAK audacity considering he grew up in NY but was trying to write Southern literature. Anyway.


“Flipped” original work by Kisha Spencer

First off, I see you—got ‘em!
The lies come wild—non-stopping
I wish it would be popping,
But you can’t pause your plotting.
The other side of played…
The tricks? I exposed them all!
This season them “nopes” call,
My No’s are now top-grade.
I flipped the script on you;
You tried it and you failed.
Your plots now all derailed,
Panting don’t know what to do
Cuz I flipped the script on you.

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