This one is a part of the challenge put forth by Sammi Cox . Here are the parameters:

Weekend Writing Prompt #267- Return, Sammi Cox, Sammi Scribbles

These writing challenges really put the squeeze on me!

So this one is a French form called a descort. I chose this one because 46 words? 😥 It’s different from black verse because I was supposed to be not working a meter, rhyme, or anything. It should feel a bit paradoxical or nonsensical while still serving the purpose of telling you something, which I did.

“Timeless,” original work by Kisha Spencer

Now, of course when I began I was going to attempt something a bit fancier… but! word counts are killers for me when dealing in form. I had attempted a cywydd llosgyrnog—which is a type of Welsh poem that’s really strict on rhyme scheme and syllable count. It was easier to list the visual so here:

  • 1-xxxxxxxa
  • 2-xxxxxxxa
  • 3-xxxaxxb
  • 4-xxxxxxxc
  • 5-xxxxxxxc
  • 6-xxxcxxb

I absolutely exceeded the word count, and I don’t like it but since I wrote it? Two in one!



Days go passed no thought of times past
A wondering mind calm at last
The Heart’s aghast wants to break
Would that you would let me die
You’ve ruined what’s left of what I’d lost
At such high cost yet you take

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