The devil is NOT that busy—least not witchu!

random but real: as Christians, we give the devil toooooooo much credit. He doesn’t have nearly as much power as we attribute to him. Jesus tole y’all He got up with ALL THE POWER—so why are you literally handing back power to death, hell, and the grave, bro? The devil just be looking up from actually wreaking havoc like whet?

Live video of the devil trying to figure out why you keep giving him credit for stuff he ain’t do.

Before you”rebuke the devil,” do a self check! It could be that you are:

  • ignorant to a revelation in the word,
  • not being obedient to a word that you already know,
  • simply dealing with a weight or sin that needs the word
  • dealing in a trouble or life circumstance that just happens, or
  • need to adjust your belief concerning a wrong understanding of the word.

So. STUDY. The word works—both to clarify and fortify. The word will help you distinguish what is an attack, what is your disagreement and disobedience due to ignorance, what is your full on lusts dragging you, and what is simply a season of tempering by the hand of God. But you gotta know the word to activate It.

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